During the colonization of Cambodia, the French put Kampot pepper on the culinary map in all of the top resturants in France. Today, it is still highly sought after due to its distinctive taste.

To be classed as certified Kampot pepper, the soil must geographically indicate the protection of the product and contain certain minerals specialized to the specific area. The Vine Retreat is located on what is locally know as Pepper Road, the most fertile area in Cambodia to grow pepper.

We have a small production of organic pepper on our farm, which harvests one time per year, between January until April. In July, just before the rainy season is upon us, we fertilize with new soil, manure, and bat guano.

There are four different types of pepper, all originating from the same plant, just at different stages.

  • Green pepper – This is the unripe berry, to be eaten fresh from the stem. It has a crisp, citrus taste and is delicious with seafood, especially the local delicacy of Kep crab with a green pepper sauce.
  • Black pepper – The most common of the pepper types. It is picked when turning from green to yellow in color, blanched in hot water, and then dried on bamboo baskets in the sun. This pepper has a strong taste, ideal for adding as a condiment to your food in a pepper grinder at the table.
  • Red pepper – The rarest of the pepper, as on one pepper stem of 30 berries, approx 5 would be red in color. Sweet in taste, this pepper is in high demand.
  • White pepper – Fully ripened and bright red in color. The berries are plunged in hot water until the outside husk comes off and are then dried in the sun. This pepper has the most subtle flavor and is great for adding to sauces.

We sell our pepper directly to customers at The Vine Retreat in convenient 100g bags, perfect for a gift from your travels.

Organic Kampot pepper