“It was just after 3:30pm on a clear, sunny day at The Vine Retreat when our two guides approached to pick us up from the guesthouse to take us on the ‘Sunset Trek’. They were armed with machetes and matching smiles and led us on our way.

Phnom Voar was the last stranglehold of the Khmer Rouge up until the mid 1990’s, and many Khmer Rouge soldiers camped out up there to protect from the opposition. It is now a protected conservation area. It was great to walk in a place with so much history behind it, to try and understand what this area has gone through under their control.

The walk is relatively easy, but be sure to wear proper footwear and take some water for the walk. The views across the ocean and down to Vietnam are wonderful and we were able to stop at the top and watch the sunset before heading back to The Vine Retreat for a delicious dinner!”

All profits that The Vine Retreat takes from the trek go directly to the Community Forestry Committee for the reforestation project of Phnom Voar. We offer sunrise and sunset treks, just ask when making a reservation.